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Hello, and thank you for visiting my page!

Since there are so many who dislike or don't understand cosplay and like to direct condescending comments towards people who enjoy it, I thought I'd try to write this FAQ. Remember - Just because someone cosplays/draws in an anime style, it doesn't make them obsessive weaboos who only care about cartoons and want to sleep with fictional characters. There's more to people, and I'd assume you're clever enough to realize that instead of claiming everything you say is correct. It's when you don't try to understand both sides of an argument, that you fail.

Q: What do you like about cosplay?
A: I like to delve into a character's mind to be able to feel what they feel, and sort of embody them. It's simple really - modeling uses a share of acting in every aspect, don't you think?

Q: Then why don't you act on stage/in front of the camera if that's what you like?
A: I do. I'm employed at a theatre.

Q: Then how do you have time and money for cosplay? It must be way more expensive than working with plays.
A: Actually, no. I did some counting, and it turns out the theatre group I was in previously costed me more than an outfit would have. One: Because of the bus. It costs around $11 per adult, for a one-way trip. 11 more to get back - every Wednesday, which is a lot of money built up over time. The actual cost for being in the group per term, was over $100. Also, it was always scheduled at a certain time. For cosplay, I can always choose a time when I won't be busy.
Now, I get paid to be at the theatre, which is all the better.

Q: What I don't understand is why you don't make your own clothing designs instead of something someone else has already created.
A: It's not so much about creating, at least not for me. I do design my own outfits, and I've worn them. But for me it's more about the acting and modeling, which I really love. Dressing up and simply being myself doesn't have the same effect on me, as I'm a little shy in front of the camera when I'm not in-character.

Q: Do you cosplay on conventions? Isn't it a little silly?
A: Maybe it is, but nevertheless I enjoy it. I do cosplay on conventions, maybe because it's fun if people recognizes the character or likes the craftmansship. It's also fun to get photographed and meet people through shared interests. I do love the camera so I don't mind being photographed as long as I get into character.
Quite recently I was at a convention where I was almost constantly in-character as I moved about, however, so now I understand it a little better. I love acting, so it was a lot of fun hearing how me and the character in question looked so alike. I don't get into character all the time when it's a very serious or calm character, however.

Q: Do you really fanboy a character so much that you need to dress up like them?
A: No. I like the characters I cosplay, yes. Maybe I like their design and wouldn't mind wearing it. Maybe they're very developed and therefore interesting to portray. But it's not about wanting to actually BE them. It's acting.

Right, if there's anything else you need to know, feel free to ask and I will put it here. Be polite about it, and I will be as well.

:damphyr: If I'm not faving or watching, it's because I already have another account. I fave sometimes though, but I will probably not watch anyone on this account - visit PRllNCE for that. Thank you!


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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 17, 2013, 1:53 PM


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